Cosmetic Tattoo

The Science

Cosmetic tattooing (also known as micropigmentation) is a semi-permanent form of tattooing which involves inplanting pigment into the ermis with either a machine or a hand tool. Cosmetic tattooing utilises coloured pigments and can be used to reproduce or thicken the appearance of eyebrows, for permanent makeup designs around the eyes and lips (semi-permanent eyeliner and lipliner), and for intensifying the colour of the entire lip area (full lip tattoo).

The Plain Speak

Cosmetic tattooing is an artform and as such should only be trusted to true artists of the industry. Magnolia’s resident Cosmetic and Medical Tattooist, Shelby Brooks, was trained as an elite cosmetic tattooist by Andrea Darby, Advanced International Master Trainer, and has since performed literally thousands of eyebrow, eyeliner and lip procedures utilising the very latest advanced techniques.

Highly experienced in all forms of tattooing using either a digital tattoo machine or a microblading technique (feathering, feather touch, feather stroke, 3D brows, powder fill and Ombre), Shelby’s real secret is her aesthetic eye. During your initial consultation, Shelby will thoroughly assess your facial anatomy and proportions and customise a tattoo design tailored especially for you. This will ensure your cosmetic tattooing looks natural and in harmony with your facial features.

Along with expert tattooing skills, Shelby is thoroughly trained in infection control and high-grade anaesthetic application, meaning you can feel 100% safe in her hands.

The Price

Eyebrows $695
Eyeliner (lower) $550
Eyeliner (upper) $550
Eyeliner (upper + lower) $795
Lash enhancement $595
Beauty spot $195
Lip liner and blend $650
Full lip $800