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    The Science

    Dermapen Microneedling is a form of advanced skin needling (or Mesotherapy) that involves the segmented delivery of micro punctures to the epidermis (outer layer of skin) and dermis (inner layer of skin). These micro injuries stimulate the body’s natural wound healing response to restore and repair. When applied to the face, this leads to the production of collagen and elastin.

    The Plain Speak

    The Dermapen Microneedling Pen glides across the surface of the skin, vibrating at an incredibly high frequency and creating over a thousand micro-injection sites per second. In response to these micro injuries, the body (skin of the face) reacts by producing collagen and elastin, the two structural properties of the skin layer, which in turn acts to improve skin tone and general appearance, as well as reducing fine lines and wrinkles.

    To further enhance the rejuvenating effect of this procedure, prior to treatment a nourishing serum is applied to the skin. This turns every injection site into a micro-skin channel for revitalising nutrients, allowing penetration deep into the skin layer and significantly increasing (up to 80% more) the absorption of active ingedients.

    Dermapen Microneedling is suitable for all skin types, and, in addition to revitalising, is effective at reducing scarring and other skin imperfections.

    The Price

    Face $190
    Face and neck $235
    Décolletage $150
    Neck and décolletage $190
    Face, neck and décolletage $300

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