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    The Science

    Skin boosters are made of the same base substance as dermal fillers, however serve a different purpose when injected into the dermis. Unlike dermal fillers that act to provide volume (or structure) to the treated area, skin boosters rehydrate the dermis by attracting and holding water that is diminished as we age. The result is a more nourished and radiant complexion, with better skin tone and elasticity.

    The Plain Speak

    Skin boosters are injected into the skin layer (above the area where dermal filler is generally injected) and, over time, act to rehydrate and renourish the skin. The result is a more youthful, vibrant and healthy skin tone and texture. Skin boosters are effective on the skin of the face (especially around the eyes and mouth), the neck and d├ęcolletage, and the hands.

    Skin boosters can act as the perfect gateway treatment to dermal fillers as they gradually rebuild collagen and elastin levels within the dermis, thus preparing the skin for enhanced dermal filler results.

    The Price

    Nourishing Skin Booster from $380

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