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    The Science

    Dermal filler injections are made of a naturally-occurring substance found in the skin, and act to add or restore volume to the treated area. Magnolia uses a wide range of dermal fillers that vary in both viscosity (thickness) and elasticity, depending on your individual facial tissue and indication.

    The Plain Speak

    Aesthetically, the lips play a major role in balancing the proportions of the face, and thus thin or poorly shaped lips can detract from overall facial harmony. Thin lips can be the result of either a loss of volume due to the natural (biological) ageing process, or merely your genetics. Dermal lip fillers can therefore be used to either restore volume to ageing lips, or add volume to enhance size, shape and symmetry.

    The key to a natural lip result is to focus on shape and not size. At Magnolia, our expert injectors are thoroughly educated on the anatomy of the lips and the surrounding area (lip blanket), and trained in advanced injectable techniques designed to ensure shape and size are tailored to your individual facial proportions, and, of course, your desired look.

    The Price

    Luscious Lips from $550

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