Collagen Stimulators

The Science

Collagen stimulators contain a refined substance that, when injected into the lower levels of the Dermis, produces a biological reaction that acts to stimulate natural collagen production for long-lasting results.

The Plain Speak

Along with bone, muscle and fat pad changes that occur in the face as we age, collagen loss starts to occur. Collagen provides vital support and structure to the skin, and as it diminishes, lines and deep folds start to develop. Collagen stimulators contain a substance that produces a reaction deep within the skin layer that, throughout the proceeding 6-9 months post treatment, triggers the body to produce collagen for long-lasting results. As collegen levels increase, the skin will begin to regain its youthful structure and volume, gradually correcting fine lines and wrinkles.

The Price

Collagen Stimulating Treatment from $930