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    A Dream Is Realised

    Magnolia Mediclinic is the lovechild of Samantha Baker, industry-leading Cosmetic Injector and former Clinical Trainer for Galderma Australia.

    A Registered Nurse with experience in Orthopaedics, Samantha commenced her career in Aesthetic Medicine in 2006 and fell in love with Cosmetic Injecting from the first day she was exposed to it. While she found the techniques and procedures came naturally to her, it was the profound impact of her results on her patients’ self-esteem that made her feel certain she had found her calling.

    Driven by this newfound passion, over the course of the next five years Samantha dedicated herself to becoming the best injector she could be, training and working alongside some of the industry’s key opinion leaders. Her natural skill and unparalleled work ethic saw her gain a role as a State Clinical Trainer for a leading pharmaceutical company, and from there she spent the next three years travelling around Queensland training health practitioners on the latest injectable techniques and products.

    It was during this time that Samantha came to understand the real secret behind her success. It wasn’t so much her advanced knowledge of the facial anatomy or her skill as an Injector that produced her results, but her ability to put her patients at ease and allow them to truly open up. She witnessed time and time again talented practitioners failing at the first step in the treatment process– the consultation– whereby they would jump too quickly to diagnosis and recommendations instead of taking the time to listen to their patients’ concerns and insecurities. Ultimately, this left patients feeling reserved and uninvolved in their treatment journey, leading to uninspiring results.

    After working part-time for a few years and raising her two beautiful girls, Bella and Sienna, in 2016 Samantha started out on her dream of opening her own cosmetic clinic. Every aspect of the clinic, from its layout to its finishes, has been designed with her vision of the ideal treatment journey in mind. Most important, however, was her assembly of the best staff roster on the Gold Coast, attracting some of country’s best Injectors and recruiting a first-class health services support team to back them up.

    After twelve months of planning, training and recruiting, Magnolia Mediclinic was born on May 2nd 2017. And much like Samantha’s rapid growth in the industry, it is fast becoming known as the new standard for patient experience and natural results within the Gold Coast aesthetic medicine industry.

    The Magnolia Difference

    Magnolia Mediclinic is not just another medi spa. It is a collection of the Gold Coast’s most experienced aesthetic technicians working together to deliver superior, natural results through an unparalleled patient experience.

    Our process involves a standardised consultation approach across all of our services (non-surgical, dermal therapy and cosmetic/medical tattoo). On your first visit, a series of 360 degree photos will be captured for analysis by your Practitioner. A thorough consultation will then take place, utilising state of the art technology and advanced facial assessment techniques. Importantly though, this process will be a two-way conversation, with your Practitioner taking the time to really listen to your aesthetic concerns and goals before discussing your options and formulating a treatment plan based on a pace and price you can afford.

    During your treatment, you can feel safe in the knowledge our staff boast a combined 50+ years in aesthetic medicine, with four Clinical Trainers and a Nurse Practitioner in our ranks. Post treatment, we will ask you to return for a complimentary two-week review, during which time we will ensure you are 100% happy with your results.

    From your first phone call with our incredible support staff, right through to your complimentary two-week review, we’re confident you will feel the Magnolia difference. Each and every member of our team is energetic and passionate about what they do, and care about your results just as much as you do.

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